DevOps Security (often called as DevSecOps) is a process where security is integrated at every step of DevOps lifecycle, leading to secure software or application development.

This approach ensures that your code is secure at every phase of DevOps – Planning, Development, Testing, Deployment, Monitoring and Maintenance.

Advantages of DevOps Security:

1. Helps you to develop secure applications:

More often than not, there are far fewer security engineers than there are development engineers or teams. As such, security engineers cannot always be relied upon to complete comprehensive code reviews and more.

Therefore, DevOps Security as a foundation, empowers operation and dev engineers to carry out their own analysis to keep risks at bay.

2. Let’s you to focus on security (on priority basis):

DevOps culture places a whole amount of emphasis on speed and moving quickly, and in this scenario, often application security is not the highest thing on list of priorities.

This is where the DevSecOps team comes in – this team can now get into the process in question, while also educating teams about risks in their systems and helping them root them out.

3. Automates the security implementation process:

The DevOps Security teams have successfully created a movement of sorts that has encouraged many large companies to invest significantly into their cause.

In turn, this has led to the development of many new innovative ways and tools to deal with security which are now in the open source space.

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