What is VioFixer?

VioFixer is a tool that embraces Security in DevOps with automation leading to DevSecOps.

This tool was created by software developers to ensure that their own applications would be free from security code vulnerabilities – this tool is now available to you too.

Therefore, you need not take days or even weeks to fix errors or bugs, as VioFixer helps you to fix them with just a few clicks.

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What VioFixer does?

As such, you can depend on VioFixer to shorten software development life cycle and secure completed applications by providing automatic vulnerability remedies.

It is designed to automatically correct security vulnerabilities that are identified by the tools like HP-Fortify and SonarQube.

In addition, you will pleased to discover that it works in accordance with the predefined rules and standards published by OWASP, NIST and others.

How VioFixer works?

VioFixer takes the inputs from the reports that are generated by static code analyzer (.pdf, .fpr or .html formats) regarding the security vulnerabilities, code smells, bugs, and then it analyzes the reports and SCM (Source Code Management) files to provide the fixers automatically.

Developers can review the vulnerability fixers before they apply the fixes to SCM.

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USP of VioFixer:

While most coding tools only identify security vulnerabilities, VioFixer goes the all important step further and resolves them!

This is exactly what sets VioFixer apart from the competition. As such, it readily embraces Security in DevOps with automation, thereby enabling DevSecOps.

Few benefits of VioFixer:

  • Faster & more secure application development
  • Prevents cyber attacks
  • Ensures on time project delivery
  • Enables increase of ROI
  • Further optimized resource planning
  • Reduced rework effort

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