Tech Marathon is a series of questions posted on a daily basis/alternate days.

Answer the question and accomplish one milestone after the other till you reach the finish line.  You can reach the finish line by answering all the questions from day 1 till the last day of the Marathon.

The one reaching the finishing line without slipping off the track will be rewarded! So, what are you waiting for? Be an Elite Runner and head for the final Leap!

Let’s start... Warm-up, Get in form, and Go For It!!  All the Best! 🙂


1. The Tech Marathon will run for 2 weeks and have 4 questions

2. The questions will be put on 29-7-20, 3-8-20, 7-8-20, and 10-8-20.

3. The answers are securely captured and processed.

4. To win the Marathon, you will have to answer all 4 questions, and get 3 correct answers out of 4

Terms & Conditions:

1. Please fill the required information to participate

2. You will be allowed to answer the question only once

3. You should answer all the 4 answers posted in the marathon to win

4. You will not be able to revoke the answers once submitted.

5. Each question's deadline ends with the publishing of a new question. Answers received past the deadline will not be considered.

** If we receive multiple participants qualifying to win, the final winner will be selected through a lucky draw

Disclaimer: The participant details will be confidential and solely used to provide further information