Retail Planning

YITSOL offers consulting and implementation services for the Analytical, Planning and Optimization applications of the Oracle Retail Platform

Yitsol retail planning helps for the profitability of retailer .This is achieved by forecasting a retail sales, by category, and managing the inventory and cash flow needed to support the sales forecasts. It leverages performance & Maximize profits.

YITSOL Features in Retail Planning:

  • Better anticipate and maximize profits. Simplify assortment plans and inspire your customers.
  • Strengthen loyalty and plan assortments to meet customer demand and maximize sales.
  • Provides Decision support and continuous visibility into sales, inventory and profits. Gaining insights on customer behaviour patterns and product preferences.
  • Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning provides both pre-season and in-season planning with key financial indicators that include sales, markdowns, receipts, inventory, gross margin, and open-to-buy.
  • Integrated with Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting, the system provides an accurate view of customer demand with little human intervention
  • Category Planning. Recommendations are based on consumer insights or product performance and provide retailers with one version of the truth to be used in, pricing, promotion, and inventory and space processes.

YITSOL Expertise in Retail Planning:

  • Assortment planning
  • Item planning
  • Merchandise Financial planning
  • Category Management