Retail Solutions Expertise

In an increasingly complex and dynamic retail landscape, retailers need to develop innovative merchandising strategies, efficient inventory management, and customer-centric store operations.

YITSOL offers new age retail solutions for retailers who want to achieve Reduction in markdowns, Increase in Inventory turns, Reduction in Inventory and Increase in gross margins.

YITSOL retail solutions offer the accurate forecast of future consumer demand, enable the single and comprehensive source of consistent and accurate data and provides improved consumer experience at each point of interaction.

YITSOL leverages Oracle retail solutions to bring the digital world into your store and open up new ways to engage with consumers, empower employees and create business value by revolutionising store operations.

Equipped with the strong team of Oracle product and implementation experts. YITSOL is your strategic technology partner you can trust to achieve best and faster return on investment (ROI) on your retail digitalization program.