About our Client:

Scora Technologies is an expert information technology service provider. Scora was started in a miniature unofficial service platform, which now has grown to an outstanding platform that has an excellent tie-up with top-most companies and universities investing a considerable/significant time, ability and discipline/performance in selecting the perfect fit for both parties.

With the modern developments in the technology, the website created by Scora also aims to frame a network that improves the access for placement process for aspiring students to get placed in their dream job and support companies in picking up their ideal candidate for their required position.

Our Client’s Challenge(s):

Scora technologies are running an unstable infrastructure for their website, which includes physical servers, storage, networks on both in and on-premises or collocated data center. The demand for site utilization might increase rapidly during the period of campus interviews and other circumstances.

They wanted to expand the necessary resources by evaluating the scenario, improve the memory space, and other required additional resources to support the rush hours.

The main motive is to manage the servers, storage, networks, and the associated data center facility and thus the Scora business team has then approached YITSOL.


Running the tools and infrastructure in AWS with the help of YITSOL has delivered a range of benefits to Scora. With a team of experts, YITSOL has provided a solution, that undoubtedly has improved the performance of the Scora application.

We haven’t experienced any major problems till today, but if we do we know we can be confident that YITSOL will provide a fast, technically skilled response,” says Prasanth.

The Benefits:

“We conduct campus awareness events and job fairs that caused traffic levels to spike up to five times above normal. Our AWS infrastructure has supported these peaks without manual intervention and with no reduction in performance or availability to our customers” says Prasanth.

“Now we are able to achieve 99.99% infrastructure availability and an average page load time of around 1.3 seconds” says Prasanth.

Apart from this, a few other major benefits to Scora application are:

  • Data security
  • Cost reduction in terms of manpower, Infrastructure, etc.
  • High availability of application

Basically, the total cost spent on running a Scora application on AWS is very basic when compared to the ‘on-premise’ infrastructure or host data center usage.

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