YITSOL offers a completely integrated Community Management System that is core to your community’s comfort requirements, energy management, and sustainability strategies.

Our Web-based platform provides a unified, sustainable solution integrating HVAC, Lighting, Access Control, Security and Monitoring, CCTV, and Energy Management solutions.

YITSOL’s Community Management System (CMS) allows you to lower your energy and operational budgets and reduce the life cycle cost of your facilities while creating a comfortable, healthy, and productive academic environment for your residents, owners, administrators, and support staff.

Enhancing the security & comfort:

The quality of the physical environment on a community has a significant impact on staff and residents satisfaction, as well as their mental and physical well-being. With this much at stake, it remains essential for community administrators to provide their residents with high-performance buildings that are able to foster secure and peaceful living.

  • Implement comprehensive building controls, energy management, monitoring, and optimization solutions with one unified and integrated Community Management Platform including HVAC, indoor and outdoor lighting, energy management, utilities metering, access control, CCTV, and other custom applications.
  • Satisfy functional and comfort requirements across all building types, from community halls to flats, entry gates to exit gates, play areas, and clubs.
  • Optimize indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), including CO2 and fresh air levels, ventilation, temperature, and humidity regardless of building, room, or space type.
  • Benefit from a fully integrated access control and video security system with an intuitive web interface that can be configured and managed by IT, security, or administrative staff.
  • Monitor and control access and video surveillance via a single interface.

Reduce energy costs & increase savings:

As one of the largest line items in communities, energy costs have a direct impact on the quality of living environment that can be provided to residents. More often than not, communities are forced to direct a disproportionate amount of their shrinking budgets towards this mounting expense, to the detriment of much-needed repairs, renovations, new construction, or hiring of new staff.

  • Implement a system that offers integrated energy efficient control sequences.
  • Continuously optimize building energy use by setting usage conditions based on schedules, weather conditions, occupancy, or daylight sensing.
  • Ensure central systems operate at peak efficiency by managing system capacity based on building load demands and operational guidelines.
  • Reduce energy usage by employing a combination of lighting control methods, including event-based scheduling, occupancy detection, timed switching, daylight sensing, task tuning, and load shedding.
  • Leverage real-time utilities metering and monitoring, and avoid unfavourable peaks with alarming and automated load shedding activities.
  • Achieve over 15% energy and operational cost savings, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Ensure your system performs efficiently:

For communities, gaining control of their energy spend is essential, but they also need to ensure that their building automation system runs optimally at all times, reducing maintenance, operational, and equipment costs, all while maximizing student and staff comfort.

  • Manage all your buildings via one seamless, centralized interface with global and building functional capabilities such as alarms, schedules, etc.
  • Identify poorly performing equipment before occupants complain and reduce operational costs with auto diagnostics capabilities.

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