Give Your Business The Cloud Consulting Services’ Edge

Give Your Business The Cloud Consulting Services’ Edge

The office of today is quite different in many ways, and is also quite unrecognizable from the offices from just a decade or two ago.

This has much to do with the type of work, as well as the need for offices today to collaborate, consult and confer with colleagues and co-workers in offices located in different parts of the world, as well as those following different time-zones.

With all this factored in, it is therefore necessary for workers, companies and offices to make their work, projects and duties more collaborative and connected in nature, so as to effectively include workers in other locations, time-zones and offices as part of their day-to-day activities.

This is easily and conveniently made possible by the use of cloud services.

The adoption of cloud services through one of the many cloud consulting services’ companies or providers can do this very thing for your organization, and thereby, make all the advantages and capabilities of the cloud available for you and your company.

Cloud consulting definition

Loosely defined, cloud consulting can be described as the provision of a variety of IT resources and infrastructure through the internet.

These services can include, but are not limited to, the management, maintenance and deployment of storage on the cloud, software, IT infrastructure and many other cloud related resources.

These services are typically made available by cloud consulting partners or service providers to individual companies for mutual benefit.

Cloud strategy definition

Cloud strategy can therefore can be defined or described as the business strategy or plan on the part of a company or enterprise to include cloud services, as well as cloud consulting companies so as to be more profitable and sustainable.

What is cloud consulting?

One of the primary and basic features of cloud consulting services is that the service provider allows companies and organizations the ability to safely and securely transfer and store their data on the service provider’s cloud servers, as opposed to the individual companies’ servers.

This eliminates the need for companies to use unnecessary resources and personnel in order to manage and maintain their own individual servers.

Besides this, it also gives individual companies the ability to use their resources more effectively, as they can now instead apply these resources towards core business activities.

Another chief advantage of adopting the cloud is that it allows companies the ability to increase or decrease their space on the cloud server, quickly, effectively and easily by getting in touch with their cloud services’ partner or provider.

In addition, by choosing the cloud server over their own individual server, companies can save huge costs as well, as they are only renting space on the server, as opposed to owning servers outright.

To round things off, as customers or companies pay a monthly fee or subscription for cloud based services, rather than buying licenses outright, this constitutes an operational cost as opposed to a capital cost, for the purposes of business.

In addition, you will be pleased to learn that cloud consulting services’ providers also give clients access to software, as well as computing and other IT-infrastructure.

This feature also allows customers to lower costs, besides also reducing the hassle involved in the management, deployment and maintenance of these elements.

Service providers can make this available to individual companies through a variety of models, which could include the SaaS model, the PaaS model, or indeed the Iaas model.

Some other professional cloud consulting service providers could also go one step further and offer deployment facilities and customization, cloud readiness assessments,  private and public cloud integration, as well as migration services and application rationalization – all of which could definitely benefit customers and positively impact their business activities.

As can be seen from all that has been stated above, thanks to the presence and availability of cloud service providers, companies can now concentrate all their time and efforts in delivering better products and services, as opposed to having to be unnecessarily involved in auxiliary and supporting activities.

As you would imagine, this is particularly great for smaller companies, as they are less capital intensive, and this further reduces the cost of getting into business at the initial stages.

The presence of cloud based services allows smaller players to arrive and be successful in the market.

Therefore, these consulting services’ providers can be seen to provide for more innovation and creativity, as well as being dream merchants, as they allow small establishments achieve their dreams.

How cloud consulting services help companies on an everyday basis

Now that we know what cloud based consulting services are, let’s take a brief look as to how it can work effectively in an office.

For instance, let’s suppose workers in office A are charged with carrying out a certain project during their working hours, but can only further progress with their work once a team in office B (working in a different location and time-zone) has clarified or vetted the work they have carried out.

Now, instead of sending the project, information or data through the conventional way, which will include additional cost and a huge waste of time, not to mention the chance of data being lost or stolen due to a lack of security along the way, office A can simply store the project or information in the cloud and give office B access to the project.

Now, team B simply has to access the project stored in the cloud, look through the material during their working hours and provide their inputs as they seem fit.

The next day, as office A logs into work, they will see that team B has looked through the information and provided their inputs, and can proceed accordingly.

As mentioned before, this method is convenient, easy, and is highly secure.

Cloud consulting companies

The cloud was earmarked and proudly slated to be the future driver and encourager of innovation, creativity and business, and we can clearly see today that it has more than delivered on this promise.

You only need to look at the world around you for evidence of this fact.

In addition, a quick look online will provide you with sufficient proof of this. But you would be wrong in thinking that it was just the world of business that the cloud was enabling.

In fact, the cloud is also helping research, development and the furthering of many not-for-profit projects and schemes.

When you pause to think about it, services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar are made possible by means of the cloud.

That aside, when you download a book or magazine on your Kindle, you are doing this through the cloud.

Besides this, when you check into Facebook to see what your friends and colleagues are up to, you are doing this through the cloud as well.

In addition, a quick browse through the Twitter app and other social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat is also heavily reliant on the cloud and cloud computing services’ providers.

A quick look through the various online shopping apps is also made possible in large part by cloud services.

Furthermore, when you choose to pay online for some of the goods on e-commerce sites, you are using the cloud too.

Therefore, you can see that the cloud is so intricately and essentially woven into our lives in the modern day, so much so, that we cannot imagine our lives without cloud services and cloud consulting partners and providers.

As you would imagine, many of the top companies today are also the top cloud companies.

Today, these companies are the who’s who of the business world and include, Google, Apple’s iCloud Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, IBM Cloud, VMware, Oracle Cloud, SAP and indeed so many more.

The cloud is for you – take it, and use it!

In conclusion, we would like to strongly encourage you and your company to revolutionise your business with the power, capabilities, and sheer energy that cloud computing provides (through the various service providers made available to you today).

Maybe you have offices or individual units spread far and wide across the globe, and this makes data transfers and collaboration difficult and very inconvenient. Well, not anymore!

All you have to do is store your data on the cloud, safely, securely and easily, and this will make your data easily accessible to everyone you need to share your data with.

Besides this, your employees may need some expensive software, which owing to their huge costs, would be out of reach of your smaller organization.

Thankfully, however, cloud consulting service providers are here to help out once again! By subscribing to cloud computing services, your cloud consulting partners could make this software available to you and your employees to use at a low subscription cost (paid at convenient intervals such as monthly, quarterly or even half-yearly).

What’s more, you could even have some unconventional, innovative or creative use of the cloud which the world has yet to hear of (which we couldn’t possibly detail here, as it is your idea).

So, why not enlist the sheer power of possibilities that cloud computing and consulting services provide, and go ahead and bring that idea to life?

So, do go ahead and believe in the cloud and its immense potential and power to make your ideas the next big thing!

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