Cloud and Entrepreneurship?

Cloud and Entrepreneurship?
Article By: Amit Singh

As an entrepreneur, I have learned that one should leverage things around you and make innovations using them. Innovation has to be done without re inventing the wheel.Cloud technology has been very close to the same analogy. It lowers the cost of ownership and gives the huge power of computing and what not without “really “owning it. I often talk to Small and Medium size business (SMB), and they ask why they should be bothered about cloud. So, in response to their question I ask the following questions to them:

  • Do you look for lower cost of ownership of an IT solution your require?
  • Do you really want to have a battery of staff just to manage the application and its infrastructure?
  • Do you like calling the support team of your IT vendor for updates/upgrades on your IT system?
  • Or you want a ready to use, easy to configure, self help solution that doesn’t require specialized training to use the solution.

As expected I got “NO” as the answer for question 1,2 and 3, and “YES” for question 4.

Effortlessly this conversation points to the benefits of Cloud computing. There are plethora of articles on what is Cloud computing but I would like to share is that its a platform to enable computing. Platform to de couple the requirement to own heavy servers, with the dream to build technology to solve problems around you.

As a startup guy, I am really lucky to start a venture in the era of cloud technology and to build cloud based solutions to offer technology to small and medium size businesses to embrace the digital revolution. Story of cloud starts at providing infrastructure and moves to enable tech enthusiasts with platform of various services like Database, Middleware.

Imagine you want to build a solution for a social problem using artificial intelligence, and you can get started on a cloud platform providing machine learning services. Services, which could be configured as per one’s requirements. You are enabled to solve the real challenge rather working on tech logistics.

I strongly believe Cloud is going to be one of biggest fuel to power Entrepreneurship, and as entrepreneurs we are going to leverage it offer technology to more and more people.

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