3 Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

3 Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

The cloud is one of the most revolutionary things in recent times.

So much so, it is one of the key enablers of possibilities – thereby allowing businesses and organisations to reach for the stars.

Therefore, it just cannot simply be ignored, and in fact must be utilised to its fullest potential. Doing so, will enable your own business and enterprise to break through barriers, trump the competition and reach new heights.

As you might well expect, there are a huge number of cloud service providers – each offering their own benefits to companies and enterprises like your own.

Now, this makes it very difficult for companies to settle upon one service provider which best serves their needs and requirements.

While, you might have your very own requirements (specific to your nature of business, industry or products and apps), do look out for these three cloud service provider essentials which could power your company’s success story.

1. Certifications and Standards

You strive hard to ensure that your businesses and enterprises meet the highest standards and that your certifications are always in place and up to date, therefore you should also ensure that the cloud service provider you choose always strictly adheres to the standards and certifications prescribed to them as well.

This will ensure the smooth flow of business, with little or no disruption at all.

Now, there are a huge number of certifications and standards that cloud service providers need to adhere to, and you should have a close look at each certification to see which provider adheres to the standards that suit your industry or area of activities the best.

This is particularly important, as in most cases, you will be relying on the cloud alone to power and enable your business, and you wouldn’t want any hiccups or troubles concerning your cloud service provider, which will act as roadblocks to your business and profitability.

2. Security concerns

As with the rest of the key considerations, the security provided by the service provider is another aspect that you, as a business owner or company manager, will have to do some background checks and homework about.

This is an extremely essential step and could determine which cloud service provider you choose to partner with.

This is especially true when you consider that all your sensitive data, applications and other material is to be stored in the cloud, and you will have to ensure that there is absolutely no breach in security under any circumstances.

In addition, organisations must make independent assessments of the cloud service provider’s standards of security at the system and data levels.

Besides this, the business manager must also patiently and carefully assess the maturity of security operations as well as the security governance processes of each service provider, and choose one which meets the needs of his business the best.

3. Costs and Expenses

As with most things cost is another key consideration that will help determine your choice of cloud service provider.

While it is is clear that the cloud is more cost efficient than relying on in-house servers, there is still more cost efficiency to be gained by choosing the perfect cloud service provider for your business.

While assessing the costs, it is also crucial to look at the service provider’s advertised price as well as any hidden costs and associated costs that could increase the overall expenditure quite significantly.

Besides this, it will be helpful to choose a provider which offers a ‘pay as you go’ scheme – this will allow you to pay for just as much as you use, and also enable you to add or remove services and capabilities as and when you choose to.

Keep in mind however, that the cheapest or most cost effective option is not necessarily the best one.

Besides this, as always you will also have to keep a close eye on the needs and requirements of the industry you are in, as well as the capabilities of the service provider.

So there you go, these are just three of the key considerations to keep in mind as you choose a cloud service provider for your organisation or business.

As must be clear to you at this point, there is bound to be requirements that are specific to your individual business which will further determine your choice of provider.

However, these are the three key considerations and areas every business and organisation must look at before taking the plunge and settling on a cloud service provider.

We do hope this piece was useful in helping you arrive at a service provider that will suit your organisation’s needs the best.

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