Article By: Venkat Madala

All nations in the world have traffic rules. If we travel to North America or Europe, Drivers follow traffic rules to the last word and letter. It was organic growth of vehicle traffic with proper infrastructure in place including traffic lights, sign boards even in the remotest corners and habit of following traffic rules, which in turn provides safety and security to the highest level.

In the world of internet where there is uncontrolled traffic without any signboards nor traffic rules, it’s a challenge for organizations and individuals to be assured of the safety and security of data which is being requested by websites. In the world of in premise data centers, data was exposed only to the individual organization admins like DBA/Sysadmins/Operations. Most of the data was stored in traditional RDBMS which met the data security standards and had in-built security apparatus. Admins had to go through the documentation and enable security features based on the needs. It was more of a localized implementation of security and having a strong firewall between the internet and application layer, in turn encrypted connectivity between application and data layer. This was the best security available.

Whereas in cloud based application and systems. Your application, data layer is available on the internet layer within a restricted set of security parameters defined by the Cloud Vendor. This is the major challenge for Organizations today who are storing sensitive data on the cloud. In house teams, should be trained / mentored and well-versed with the documentation of the cloud provider. Understand the fine print of the security aspects. Checking with Compliance teams like PCI-DSS on the new changes in the infrastructure and if needed a preliminary proactive audit before the actual migration will help in maintaining the compliance. Cloud calls for vigilant system/ applications/ database administrators who need to have more checkpoints built in their daily routines for any noticeable alerts as the level of threat increases. Having a Cloud providers 24/7 support details, key contacts direct numbers. BCP /DR plans with new cloud infrastructure details are the need of the day. We will try to cover each aspect discussed here in more details in days to come.